What Is Wingin’ It?

It’s a wing eating relay!!

Empowering Parkinson’s fighters; one day, one event at a time.

Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s was formed out of a desire to create an event which bridged two generations. We wanted to create something that would attract a younger audience while encouraging an older one.

The event itself is simple: Teams of five go through three round of wings and beer to claim The Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s relay championship.

What we strive for is an event that goes beyond just the wings and beer. We are committed to building a community that stands by the people fighting against Parkinson’s Disease and we achieve this by being intentionally local. By partnering with Winnipeg businesses who are willing to step out and join a cause, we are able to help those who are often left to battle this disease on their own.





Why We Do It

This is my dad

He’s straight up awesome.

He’s a ridiculously cool father of four, a fantastic role model and captivating speaker.

That last part is important because none of this would be happening if he didn’t have such a gift. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 46 which, for this disease is pretty young. Being his son, I’ve had a unique opportunity to observe the change this disease has had on him. Contrary to what I expected, in many ways I have seen him flourish where others might have given up. Yes, my father has Parkinson’s Disease but he refuses to let that diagnosis define him. If anything, it urges him forward, encouraging him to make the most of each day he has. I’ve been able to see him speak numerous times and I guess his enthusiasm wore off on me because I started asking questions.




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