What Is Wingin’ It?

What is Wingin’ it for Parkinson’s?

Empowering Parkinson’s fighters; one day, one event at a time.

Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s was formed out of a desire to create an event which bridged two generations. We wanted to create something that would attract a younger audience while encouraging an older one.

The event itself is simple: Teams of five go through three round of wings and beer to claim The Wingin’​ it for Parkinson’s relay championship.

What we strive for is an event that intentionally goes beyond the wings and beer. We are committed to building a community that stands by the people fighting against Parkinson’s Disease and we achieve this by being intentionally local. By partnering with Winnipeg businesses who are willing to step out and join a cause, we are able to help those who are often left to battle this disease on their own.

The Rules:

Life is better when you’re having fun…and eating wings. Which is kind of why we decided to do a wing eating relay.

Teams of five enter a tournament where only the fastest eaters will move on.

Each team member must eat five hot wings and drink an 8oz glass of beer. Once they finish, the next member of the team can start their wings and beer, and on it goes.

Twenty teams will be entered, the first round is divided up into two waves, with the top three teams from both waves advancing to the next round.

The semi-finals will proceed with all six teams competing at the same time. Once again, the top three teams will advance into the finals.

The finals will have the top three teams competing for their name on the WiP trophy and bragging rights for the year!

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