This is my dad.

He’s straight up awesome.

He’s a ridiculously cool father of four, a fantastic role model and captivating speaker.

That last part is important because none of this would be happening if he didn’t have such a gift. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 46 which, for this disease is pretty young. Being his son, I’ve had a unique opportunity to observe the change this disease has had on my dad. Contrary to what I expected, in many ways I have seen him flourish where others might have given up. Yes, my father has Parkinson’s Disease but he refuses to let that diagnosis define him. If anything, it urges him forward, encouraging him to make the most of each day he has.

I’ve been able to see him speak numerous times and I guess his enthusiasm wore off on me because I started asking some questions:

Why does a diagnosis have to mean everything changes for the worst?

Why can’t we continue to flourish, even in the midst of hardship?

Wingin’ it for Parkinson’s is the way in which I choose to encourage people to flourish not just despite their diagnosis, but because of it. Eating a bunch of wings isn’t going to help cure Parkinson’s (wouldn’t that be awesome), but having a bunch of people come together to support and encourage you in your time of need certainly helps . While the end goal is to find a cure, sitting around waiting for the cure isn’t going to help anyone. I want to help give Parkinson fighters the best chance to not only survive through their diagnosis but thrive through the challenge.

I recently read an article and it ended with this quote which has stuck with me.

“You can’t help everybody everywhere, but you can always help somebody, somewhere.”

I’ve discovered that Parkinson’s fighters are my “somebody.” I’m asking my fellow Winnipeggers that for however much time you can offer, to make these people your “Somebody” as well.

Friends, the simple fact is that unless we find a cure, someday Parkinson’s Disease will take my dad from me but, as my dad will always tell you, Today…today is ours.

Keep Fighting,

Tim Hague Jr.

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